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Our motto is Focus on the Who.  What that means is that we believe quality and care start by focusing on the people involved in our business.  And that starts with our staff.  We ensure that we have staff that truly cares about each patient that walks through our doors.

Al Rhodes
MRI Technologist

Al is not only the founder of Palm Beach Regional MRI, he’s also the MRI Technologist.  His many years of experience in radiology give him a tremendous ability to...

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Barbara Groseclose

Barbara has been with Palm Beach Regional for over 15 years.  With all her years of experience, you can be assured you’re in great hands when you come to...

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Martin Farrell

The most generous people I have ever met were the poverty stricken Brazilians I encountered on a missions trip I took in 1992. It amazed me to see people...

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